Q: Does North Main sell pre-paid hours at a discount?

A: Yes!  Rather than locking you into a long contract, we offer pre-paid plans that we will customize to match your IT needs and keep your budget intact.


Q: What phone system manufacturers do you sell?

A:  We offer Cisco hosted and on-premise solutions. Also, we are a certified reseller for ESI digital and VoIP telephone systems.


Q: Can you support my current phone system?

A: We are able to support the majority of phone systems installed in the Evansville area.  Please email with your specific make and model.


Q: Do you offer high-definition security cameras?  I need to be able to recognize a face.

A: Absolutely.  Surveillance systems can vary wildly in terms of quality and price, and it’s true you get what you pay for.  We offer scheduled demos for your company allowing you to decide what will work best for your needs and budget.


Q:What is Server Virtualization, and do I need it?

A: Managing multiple physical servers that each have a single purpose is time consuming, and an inefficient use of hardware resources.  It can also use lots of space and electricity.  The days of closets filled with black boxes with blinking lights are starting to fade.  Virtualizing multiple machines onto a single piece of redundant hardware provides security for your data and a range of backup options.

Depending on the age of your server and how you use it, it may make sense to virtualize offsite, and North Main is happy to assist with this as well.